About Avon

AVON primarily sells cosmetics, perfume and toiletries but now sell a wonderful collection of jewellery, clothing, home ware and childrens products.

Traditionally a direct-selling company, AVON’S fastest growing markets today are in China and Russia. Currently, the company is headed up by Andrea Jung, the company's chairman and CEO, who was promoted to the position in 1999. AVON uses Independent Representatives to distribute catalogues and promote their own online store to sell their products.

Some of AVON’S product lines include AVON Colour, MARK, Anew, Skin-So-Soft and Naturals, as well as a Designer Clothing and Luggage range

Although the company has always been more directed towards female customers, AVON’S line of male products continues to expand, and their children's products (such as shampoos and clothing) have also proved to be a good source of revenue.

In addition to its corporate pursuits, the AVON Corporation is also involved in philanthropic causes, primarily centred on women's empowerment and health issues